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The Online Lessons of Russian.

This section of the® website presents our Online Multimedia Courses of Russian language. It is designed to help you to avoid many typical problems people studying foreign languages and Russian in particular are faced with.

The Russia Live! Courses represent Multimedia Internet application running on a powerful and reliable server. The User is intended to work with the application online. The core of the Russia Live! Courses that supports their extraordinarily efficient operation is the way of learning material presentation procedure that guarantees its successful perception by a student. The Courses contain plenty of exercises, abundance of audio materials, supported by bright visual images. All the multimedia audio is recorded by native speakers.

Due to the internal logics of the Courses some parts of them cannot be accessed by a student without successfull completion of the previous ones. This system as implemented is approved by the experts and users, who have recognized this methodology as really outstanding and productive.

In this section you can:

  • Register online. The registration procedure is easy and clear. To become our registered user you are to complete the registration form and submit it to us. The information you supply is used exclusively for the purpose of studies process regulation and improvement of our services and collected in full accordance with our privacy policy described in our legal Privacy Statement.
  • Change some data of your account (to assign a new password, for example).
  • Look at the Russia live! Online Mutimedia Courses and complete the first Unit from the chosen Course. The first unit of every Course is available for free at the Start Studies page of our Website. It will give you a clear idea about our product before making the decision to buy it.
  • Start the studies of Russian.
  • Use Grammar Book of Russian Language for free (for registered users only).
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